So far the winter season has been a wonderful one at Montessori. The children have continued to satisfy their curiosity and explore their surroundings through a variety of activities inside and outside of the classroom. Although, the weather hasn’t been the typical Canadian winter we are used to, the children are making the best of it and enjoying their time outdoors as much as possible. On snowier days, the children made use of the snow, building forts and testing out the new sleds with enthusiasm. On the warmer days when the snow melted, the children enjoyed breaking up the ice to build fences and forts!

The Holiday season was a cheerful time as the children prepared for the holiday play, and made a gift for their families!

The teachers used the icy weather to enrich the children’s scientific knowledge by conducting an experiment to determine the most effective way to melt ice outside. The children were encouraged to create a hypothesis stating if they believed a store bought “ice melter” would more effective at melting ice compared to traditional salt. Once they had each made a prediction they set about conducting their experiment. I think it is safe to say that they were all surprised by the results!!!

Despite some of the days being too cold to go outside to play, the children and staff were active and busy inside. The children have been learning about the benefits of yoga and are slowly becoming mini-yogis themselves! In the picture below Janet works on a new pose with her fellow yoga students.

Lego continued to be a big hit this winter. The children worked hard to build all sorts of creations!

There are many activities at Montessori that enable the children to participate in co-operative play.

One of the most wonderful aspect of Montessori are the variety of hands-on opportunities the children are provided with in order to understand various educational concepts.

So many exciting things have taken place over the winter months here at Montessori and we look forward to the many more to come! Since the winter days are numbered, here are a few fun-filled outdoor activities you can do as a family before the winter season is over!!

1. Frozen Ice Balloon Balls!

Fill balloons with water and add food coloring. Put the balloons outside to freeze overnight. Once frozen cut the balloons off and they look like giant marbles.

2. Draw a picture in the snow!

Use the snow as a blank canvas! Put some food colouring

3. Build a birdfeeder!

Use an old milk cartoon to create a birdfeeder and see who and some water in a water bottle and paint away. comes to visit!


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