“Scientific observation then has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.”

And they’re off!

What a wonderful start to the school year! Now that the snowy season is upon us, it is nice to look back at how far the children have already come in such a short time. Fall is a season for change, so what better way to mark the season than by beginning an exciting new school year?

In the theme of change, I am sure you will have already noted a difference in your child(ren) in the time they have spent at Montessori this fall; changes in their level of independence, their confidence, and even their interest in the world around them. The countless times they ask the question “why?” and their determination while trying to independently get ready for the dayare both signs of the changes and growth the new school year brings. We owe so many of these positive changes to the incredible work being done by the staff at Montessori. This fall the staff have provided enriching activities, while guiding the children to further explore their curiosity and the wonders of the world.

So far this year the children have investigated animal life cycles, built nests and constructed forts. They have observed the changes in their outdoor environment, while learning about planting and harvesting different crops. The dedicated staff are continuously finding teachable moments throughout the children’s daily activities to promote prosocial behaviours, such as sharing, taking turns and problem solving through mediation. It is during these moments that the children create an awareness and deeper understanding of their own and of their peers’ feelings, needs, and wants.

Together, the children and staff have worked hard to create a classroom environment that promotes respect and positivity, something easily picked up on during the classroom visits this fall. The fall has been a busy one for students, staff and parents as well! This season the students worked hard to create farm related creations to enter in the fair, dressed up and road in the parade and ventured to a pumpkin patch! With another busy season ahead we have included a list of reminders to help keep track of all the things to come.

School Events:

The holiday play will take place Dec 16 and 17

Volunteer Opportunities:

– We are always looking for more parent volunteers. We are looking for parents to help with packing up the gym, joining the fundraising or community involvement committees, sewing, editing/writing, and carpentry. If you are interested in helping outand being an active member of the community, please speak to Janet, Martin or Jane to find out ways to get involved!

Friendly Reminders:

-Please be sure to send a change of clothing in a plastic bag for your child

-With the winter weather finally here, please dress your child appropriately for outdoor play.

– Please label all of your child’s belongings.

Although the fall is quickly coming to an end, it is clear that the remainder of the year will not fall short of other changes in your little ones as well!