Spring is finally here and the children are loving it! Although the children always seem to enjoy their time outside (winter boots and all) the sunnier days have made outdoor play just that much sweeter. The ground has warmed up and given the children a chance to get their hands dirty and dig into the sand. The creativity has been flowing on the playground as the children have been using the sand in all sorts of imaginative play.

While inside, the children continue to be exposed to a variety of engaging activities! Many of the activities that the children choose to do are guided by their own interest. This spring the children have shown a keen interest in building structures, baking, sports such as hockey, soccer and badminton, as well as exploring many other hands-on materials in the classroom!

The shop keepers have been hard at work building and managing their stores.

Budding artists working hard at their masterpieces!

This picture of a child’s work is a perfect example of the activities children complete at Montessori. Many classroom activities, such as this one, span across the curriculum. Here the student has applied their language arts and mathematics skills, as well enhance their sensory development.

Although it was still chilly in March, that didn’t dampen the children’s enthusiasm during spirit week! Messy hair day saw some wild hair styles and everyone came dressed in their best and brightest colours for “favourite colour day.” However, I think it is safe to say that everyone’s favourite day was pajama day! Who doesn’t like rolling out of bed and heading off to school? The children celebrated their glorious jammie day by making delicious pancakes with their friends and teachers.

The Fun Fair is always an event everyone looks forward to at Montessori and the spring season wouldn’t be complete without it. This year we had a fantastic turn out and everyone had a blast. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was an incredible fundraising success!

The children lined up to get their hair styled and sported their new ‘dos with pride!

Earth Day is also a special day at Montessori. The children took their responsibilities seriously as they headed outside to do a little neighbourhood clean up! They even managed to discover the wildlife around Montessori when a student found a little snail along with his garbage.

There have been many exciting events over the past few months; however, I am fairly certain that the children most anticipated the arrival of the incubator and its’ tiny little inhabitants This year the children welcomed not only chick eggs, but quail eggs as well.

With the summer holidays just around the corner, it is hard to believe how fast this year has gone by! Please be sure to join us for the Family Picnic at the Memorial Park (aka the train park) on Friday, June 17th .