Summer camp

Summer fun offered to children between the ages of 2.5 and 6 years of age. With a team of qualified Early Childhood Educators, your child will have a chance to discover and explore, build their confidence, make friends, develop preschool skills and, most of all, have fun! 

Our curriculum is a combination of planned activities and spontaneous experiences that arise from children’s interests. It is designed to both inspire and build upon children’s creativity and natural curiosity. A variety of indoor and outdoor activities are offered each day, including: 


  • crafts,
  • dramatic play,
  • singing and dancing,
  • building play,
  • sensory activities…
  • and Water Day each Friday!

Session 1: July 13-17, 2020 $115

Session 2: July 20-24, 2020 $115

Session 3: Aug. 4-7, 2020

Session 4: Aug. 10-14, 2020 $115

All sessions run in the morning 8:30am-11:30am

Registration Day: The date for Registration Day will be confirmed following directions from the Health Unit and Ministry of Education.

 What to Bring:

  • Payment in full.
  • Your child’s immunization record
  • Information to complete administration enrollment forms, including emergency contact names, addresses, and phone numbers.

We ask that you sign up for at least one full week of camp.


*phone or email for further inquiries.



*If there is insufficient enrollment in any one session, we reserve the right to cancel the program. In this case, your deposit will be refunded.



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